Cross Borders at Business Days 2014!

Cross Borders was present at Greater Region Business Days 2014, which took place on 18 and 19 June 2014 at Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Luxexpo). We were presenting three new products: 

Compliance / Regulation - See presentation (in French). See brochure (in French).

Assistance to debt collection - See presentation (in French). See brochure (in French)

Social security international management - See presentation (in French).


We are able to help you !

The increasing complexity of regulations in Europe is a proven fact. This requires a more and more specialized advice, which considers the mobility of companies and citizens. Our services comprise, beside the Luxembourg environment, an advice covering such more complex situations which tend to become more frequent.

We help companies.

In an globalized business environment, companies are looking to operate across numerous national markets to sell their services and products to local consumers. International organisations are subject to different national regulations and superseeding international rules. This requires the corporations to understand the impact of regulations and to adapt their structures to be flexible and compliant with an ever changing legal environment. 

Cross Borders is providing valuable advice on companies' regulations compliance strategy. We have specialized skills, knowledge in crossborder regulations and experience in helping clients to solve compliance questions. Cross Borders experts will work with you to raise awareness of such issues within your organization and to implement continued compliance programs.

We also help citizens.

Nowadays, you live and work more and more abroad. Multiple questions are coming up: social security coverage, work permit, residence cards, health care, pension rights ... . Due to the complexity of the applicable rules, it is difficult to stay well informed about your rights. We may advice you with personal and customized services.

Please consult our website for our skills in these fields.

Our efficient services

We manage often complex problems which require a profound expertise.

Our clients:

Companies, in the field of - for example:

  • incorporation. development and restructuring of companies
  • screening of disputes, whatever their stage, and solution-finding
  • setting-up, follow-up and improvement of compliance programs
  • internal sophisticated investigations
  • management of intellectual property rights
  • lobbying with public institutions
  • screening of debtor accounts, debt collection strategy implementation
  • follow-up and advice on European Union policies
  • internal seminars
  • communication strategies

Ciitizens, in the field of - for example:

  • social security coverage: competent country, family benefits, contributions, insurance
  • working environment: work permits, labour relations, career management
  • living abroad: residence card, immigration, real estate

Institutions, in the field of - for example:

  • compliance with EU regulations and directives
  • implementation of EU programs
  • evaluation of national programs implementing EU funds programs


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